Yojiro Noda (Vo&G)
Akira Kuwahara (G)
Yusuke Takeda (Bass)
Satoshi Yamaguchi (Dr)


Creating very original master pieces with unique lyrical world, RADWIMPS has been described as “New Invention”. Their music keeps high level of musicianship while still being pop as they flawlessly cross over various genres. Soon after their debut around the age of 20, they have become one of the most popular 4-piece rock bands with cutting edge style in the Japanese music scene. All of their studio albums marked the sales of over 100k, and their concert tickets are one of the hottest tickets in Japan causing the toughest battles among fans.

The band was formed in 2001.
In 2003, RADWIMPS released their self-titled indie album. The major label debut was the single “25 Kome No Senshokutai” in November, 2005.
After the release of their 7th studio album “Batsu To Maru To Tsumi To” in 2013, the band went on the road, in Feb. 2014, with the biggest tour in their history including their 4 overseas shows, marking the total of 220,000 audiences.
In 2015, the band celebrated their 10th anniversary with the first European tour (Paris/Cologne/Berlin/London) and the second Asian tour (Seoul/Taipei). (Right before the tour, the drummer Satoshi Yamaguchi’s chronic disease worsened to the point that he had to take a break from the band.) Back in Japan, they went on the first ever joint gig tour with 11 of their respecting fellow bands, and a headline gig at Makuhari Messe to conclude a successful year with more than 30,000 audiences.
RADWIMPS composed and played the entire soundtrack for the critically acclaimed, award winning anime movie “Your Name.”, which opened in Japan during the summer 2016 and is scheduled to run from April 7th Stateside. The movie was also welcomed with big success in the UK in Nov. 2016. In addition to the movie becoming a record breaking hit around the world, the soundtrack they produced has also been highly acclaimed.

RADWIMPS released their latest album “Human Bloom” in November, 2016 and went on the road to support it with nationwide arena tour in Japan titled “Human Bloom Tour 2017” visiting 12 cities with 17 shows. The band also toured successfully through out Asia in 2017, including their first show in mainland China at Mercedes Benz Arena. With further demand from the fans to see more, they will hit the road again on another extensive Japan tour and Asia tour this summer.


New album release confirmed for Dec. 12th! New live Blu-ray/DVD release also confirmed!

Since 2 years from the last album release, new album is confirmed for Dec. 12, 2018.
Limited edition will include documentary footage following the band on their journey from “Your Name.” and “Human Bloom” to this new album, based on their interview.
Live Blu-ray/DVD of “Road to Catharsis Tour 2018” from June, 2018 is also confirmed for simultaneous release. This is the first time that their show from Yokohama will be release on Blu-ray/DVD.
Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

New Album / LIVE Blu-ray & DVD
2018.12.12 in stores.
New Album
[Limited Edition] CD + DVD
¥3,800 (w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPCH-29313
*DVD: Documentary consisting of band interview and footages following them since the release of the last album.

[Standard Edition] CD only
¥3,000 (w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPCH-20503
LIVE Blu-ray & DVD
¥6,300 (w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPXH-20076
¥5,800 (w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPBH-20233

-from Yokohama Arena show of “Road to Catharsis Tour 2018” on June 20, 2018
02. One man live
03. Masumaru
04. Futarigoto
05. Enren
06. Oreiro Sky
07. Yadokari
08. Yayu
09. Sparkle
10. Oshakashama
11. Catharsist
12. Brain Washing
13. Weekly Shounen Jump
15. Tremolo
16. Iindesuka?
17. Kimi To Hitsuji To Ao
18. Stick Figure
19. DADA
Pre-order now!

Miracle collaboration with 18 year old generation! “RADWIMPS 18fes” confirmed for NHK and NHK World Premium broadcast on Oct. 8th, 2018!

One night special collaboration of RADWIMPS with 1,000 x 18 year old generation (from age 17 to 19) titled “RADWIMPS 18fes” is confirmed for NHK and NHK World Premium broadcast on Oct. 8, 2018, starting 10 p.m. (JP).

18 years old…not a child but not yet an adult. RADWIMPS collaborated with these 18 year old generation, who are at a cross road where they’re just about to enter their adulthood, on a special one night only stage. That is “RADWIMPS 18fes.” 1,000 x 18 year olds sent their message videos to RADWIMPS, who then wrote 2 songs just for this collab. Collaboration wasn’t just with chorus but also with body percussion and instrumental percussion!

The program will not just broadcast the event itself but also follows the 18 year old generation as they prep for the special collaboration. It will also feature RADWIMPS as they wrote these songs and their interview looking back to when they were 18.

<Broadcast info>
Program title: “RADWIMPS 18fes”
TV station: NHK (Japan) and NHK World Premium (int’l)
Date: Oct. 8, 2018
Time: 22:00 – 23:15 (JP)

NHK World Premium is available in approx. 100 countries/regions worldwide.
For more info on how to view, visit>>>

“Road to Catharsis Tour 2018” teaser is now up on Youtube!

The teaser trailer using the document video from “Road to Catharsis Tour 2018” which was held in June 2018 is now up on Youtube.
Thank you so much!

◆“Road to Catharsis Tour 2018” Teaser

Check out the new music video of “Catharsist”!

New music video of “Catharsist” is now up on YouTube.

◆“Catharsist” Music Video

New single “Catharsist” is out worldwide on iTunes and Spotify!

Now, new single “Catharsist” is out worldwide on iTunes and Spotify! Don’t forget to check out!

Worldwide (ex UK and Ireland)
UK and Ireland

“Catharsistrain” is on the run! New song “Catharsist” takes over Japanese train line!

To commemorate the release of new single “Catharsist” on June 6th, RADWIMPS will take over Tokyu Toyoko line trains from June 2nd thru 16th. Make sure to catch it if you’re in Tokyo!

New song “Catharsist” now available digtially (Japan only)!

New song “Catharsist,” from June 6th single, is now available digitally!


▼For more details of “Catharsist”

RADWIMPS Asia Live Tour 2018 confirmed!!

2018 tour is confirmed!
Click here for tour schedule and details!

New single “Catharsist” coming June 6th, confirmed for 2018 CX TV soccer theme song! Standard version

cover and trailer also revealed!

New single “Catharsist,” scheduled for June 6th, is confirmed to be 2018 CX TV soccer theme song. The song will be featured during the broadcast of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia starting this June and its related programs.
Standard version single cover and the trailer footage have also been revealed! (Please stand by for the announcement of limited edition cover.)
What do those beautiful sparkling clear drops represent? Are they sweat, rain drops or tears?
Make sure to check out RADWIMPS’ new single written with the theme of sport, not just about the competition but also about everything from joy of life, connection with others to dreams and prayers.

<Standard cover>

◆”Catharsist” Trailer

“Catharsist” is the title of the new single coming out on June 6th! Also, check out the bandana design of the limited edition!

Title of the new single, coming out on June 6th, is confirmed to be “Catharsist” and “HINOMARU” will be the b-side. Design of the limited edition “RADWIMPS original bandana” has also been revealed. Make sure to preorder and secure your copy of the limited edition while supplies last.

《RADWIMPS original bandana》
RADWIMPS original bandana

New Single “Catharsist”
2018.6.6 in stores.
[Special limited edition] CD + GOODS
¥2,593 (+tax) / Japanese local catalogue#:UPCH-89375
*Special deluxe package
*GOODS: RADWIMPS original bandana (53cm×53cm)

[Standard edition] CD only
¥1,000 (+tax) / Japanese local catalogue#:UPCH-80489

1. Catharsist 2. HINOMARU

▼Preorder here!

Live Tour 2018 confirmed!!

2018 tour is confirmed!
Click here for tour schedule and details!

Tickets will be available (lottery system) during the below period.
April 2nd (mon) noon – 8th (sun) 11:59 p.m. (JP time)
Click here to order!

New single release confirmed for June 6th! Special limited edition comes with “sweating” cover and merch!

New single release has been confirmed to hit the streets on June 6th, 2018.
Special limited edition comes with “sweating” cover and merch bundle! The first time ever bundle merch has been confirmed to be “RADWIMPS original bandana.” Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

New Single
2018.6.6 in stores

[Special limited edition] CD + GOODS
¥2,593 (+tax) / Japanese local catalogue#: UPCH-89375
*GOODS: RADWIMPS original bandana

[Standard edition] CD only
¥1,000 (+tax) / Japanese local catalogue#: UPCH-80489

Preorder here!



[Special limited edition] CD + GOODS
¥2,593(+tax) /UPCH-89375
・Special deluxe package
・GOODS: RADWIMPS original bandana (53cm×53cm)

[Standard edition] CD only
¥1,000(+tax) /UPCH-80489

*2018 CX TV soccer theme song

EMI Records 2018.6.6
Check here for more info.

01. Catharsist

Mountain Top / Shape Of Miracle

¥1,000(+tax) / UPCH-80488
「Mountain Top / Shape Of Miracle」cover image

[7inch vinyl] Limited Edition
¥1,500(+tax) /UPKH-30001
・Includes download code.
「Mountain Top / Shape Of Miracle」cover image of 7inch vinyl

EMI Records 2018.2.21
Check here for more info.

01. Mountain Top
02. Shape Of Miracle

LIVE Blu-ray&DVD “Human Bloom Tour 2017”

[Limited edition] A4-sized special package / comes with 64pages Photo book
Blu-ray+2CDs+64Pages Photobook ¥12,500(+tax) / UPXH-29014
2DVDs+2CDs+64Pages Photobook ¥11,500(+tax) / UPBH-29064
LIVE Blu-ray&DVD「Human Bloom Tour 2017」

[Standard edition]
Blu-ray ¥6,300(+tax) / UPXH-20057
DVD ¥5,800(+tax) / UPBH-20193
LIVE Blu-ray&DVD「Human Bloom Tour 2017」

EMI Records 2017.10.18
Check here for more info.(only in JAPANESE)

*Live video from “Saitama Super Arena” on April 30th.
*Limited edition includes Bonus Videos in addition to the tracks below.

01. Opening
02. Lights go out
03. Dream lantern
04. Hikari
06. Okoshite
07. Iron Bible
08. O&O
09. Listen to it when it’s raining
10. One spring day
11. Stick figure
12. Bring me the morning
13. Theme of Mitsuha
14. Sparkle [original ver.]
15. DADA
16. Setsunarensa
17. Oshakashama
18. Masumaru
19. Kimi To Hitsuji To Ao
20. Zenzenzense [original ver.]
21. Confession
22. Oaiko
23. Tremolo
24. Iindesuka?
25. Nandemonaiya
26. Saihate Aini
27. Kaishin No Ichigeki

Limited edition [Bonus Videos]
▼Extra Track of Human Bloom Tour 2017
・ハイパーベンチレイション (Hyper Ventilation)

▼Encore Selection of Human Bloom Tour 2017
・五月の蝿 (Gogatsu No Hae)
・春灯 (Shunto)
・25コ目の染色体 (25Ko Me No Senshokutai)
・サヨナラCOLOR (Sayonara COLOR)
・ふたりごと (Futarigoto)
・お風呂あがりの (Ofuro Agari No)
・週刊少年ジャンプ (Weekly Shounen Jump)
・オーダーメイド (Ordermade)
・蝶々結び (Cho Cho Musubi)
・夢番地 (Yumebanchi)
・有心論 (Yushinron)

LIVE ALBUM “Human Bloom Tour 2017”

LIVE ALBUM「Human Bloom Tour 2017」

¥3,500(+tax) UPCH-29266/7

[MUSIC CARD] enclosed in CD-sized pakage
¥3,000(+tax) UPZH-29002

EMI Records 2017.10.18
Check here for more info.

01. Lights go out
02. Dream lantern
03. Hikari
05. Okoshite
06. Iron Bible
07. O&O
08. Listen to it when it’s raining
09. One spring day
10. Stick figure
11. Bring me the morning
12. Theme of Mitsuha
13. Sparkle [original ver.]
14. DADA
15. Setsunarensa
16. Oshakashama
17. Masumaru
18. Kimi To Hitsuji To Ao
19. Zenzenzense [original ver.]
20. Confession
21. Oaiko
22. Tremolo
23. Iindesuka?
24. Nandemonaiya
25. Saihate Aini
26. Kaishin No Ichigeki

Saihate Aini / Brain Washing

[Limited edition] CD + picture book
¥1,600 (+tax) UPCH-89333
Comes with “Stick Figure” picture book (28 pages in CD size)
“Saihate Aini / Brain Washing” Limited edition

[Standard edition] CD only
¥1,200 (+tax) UPCH-80470
“Saihate Aini / Brain Washing” Standard edition

EMI Records 2017.5.10

01. Saihate Aini
02. Brain Washing
03. Stick Figure (Strings Version)

Your name. (deluxe edition / Original Motion Picture Sound Track)

Your name. (deluxe edition / Original Motion Picture Sound Track)

1. Dream lantern (English ver.)
2. School road
3. Itomori high school
4. First view of Tokyo
5. Cafe at last
6. Theme of Ms. Okudera
7. Unusual changes of two
8. Zenzenzense (English ver.)
9. Goshintai
10. Date
11. Autumn festival
12. Evoking memories
13. Visit to Hida
14. Disappeared town
15. Library
16. The night inn
17. Again to Goshintai
18. Kuchikamizake trip
19. Council of war
20. Persuading mayor
21. Theme of Mitsuha
22. Unseen two
23. Katawaredoki
24. Sparkle (English ver.)
25. Date 2
26. Nandemonaiya (English ver.)

Bonus disc
1. Dream lantern
2. Zenzenzense (movie ver.)
3. Sparkle (movie ver.)
4. Nandemonaiya (movie ver.)

For digital release, 4 tracks in bonus disc will be recorded after Nandemonaiya (English ver.).

‘Your Name.’ English edition (only in Japan)

¥1,300(+tax) UPCH-80465
EMI Records 2017.2.22
「君の名は。(English edition)」ジャケット写真

1. Dream lantern (English ver.)
2. Zenzenzense (English ver.)
3. Sparkle (English ver.)
4. Nandemonaiya (English ver.)

・Zenzenzense (English ver.) and Sparkle (English ver.) are based on original ver. from ‘Ningenkaika’
・Nandemonaiya (English ver.) is based on movie ver. from ‘Your Name.’

New Album (For Japan) Human Bloom

[Limited Edition]
¥4,500(+tax) UPCH-29241
Human Bloom

[Normal edition]
¥3,000(+tax) UPCH-20436
Human Bloom

EMI Records 2016.11.23
Information for live ticket pre-reception for RADWIMPS LIVE TOUR 2017 is incuded (Only for the live in Japan)

“Human Bloom” special site (Only in Japanese)

<Limited Edition DVD track list>
・Live video of 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR FINAL at Makuhari Messe (2015.12.23)
・Sparkle [original ver.] -Your name. Music Video edition-

01. Lights go out
02. Hikari
04. One spring day
05. Zenzenzense
06. I Novel
07. Listen to it when it’s raining
08. Weekly Shounen Jump
09. Stick figure
10. as a symbol
11. Human Shaped Constellation
12. Sparkle
13. Bring me the morning
14. O&O
15. Confession

Soundtrack album of the movie ‘your name’

Title: Your Name

Special limited edition: CD+DVD+BOOK (32cm x 32cm)
UPCH-29222 ¥6,400(+tax)
‘your name’ Special limited edition

Normal edition: CD
UPCH-20423 ¥2,700(+tax)
‘your name’ Normal edition

EMI Records 2016.8.24

DVD (only in special limited edition) includes:
・Story of how ‘your name’ was made
(Scene of recording, interview with Makoto Shinkai and RADWIMPS, and more.)

・Interview with Makoto Shinkai (movie director)
・Piano solo studio live (played by Yojiro Noda)

BOOK (only in special limited edition) includes:
・Special booklet
(Scenes of the movie, photography of RADWIMPS and more.)
・Piano score of 2 instrumental songs in the soundtrack
・Special illustration (RADWIMPS in the scene of ‘your name’)

CD includes:
・4 main songs
・22 instrumental songs

RADWIMPS Live & Document 2014 “Batsu to Maru to Kimi to”

Taiwan version release date: Dec. 5, 2014


RADWIMPS visited 44 cities, including international dates in Asia, from Feb. 5th through July 20th, 2014 for “RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei” tour. The gigs weren’t just a rock show but a colorful and intimate atmosphere where band members each enjoyed their music to the max. This DVD captures the band’s OFF and ON during the tour, just like the title “Jikkyonamachuukei” (meaning live broadcast in Japanese).

1.“RADWIMPS 2014 Document 4×4”
Complete tour documentary directed by band’s art director, Tetsuya Nagato.
This documentary covers the entire “RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei” tour from Feb. 5th through July 20th, 2014. It starts from the pre-tour rehearsal studio, first day of tour in Takasaki and ends with the tour final in Okinawa. Director Nagato shot the footages with his camera to closely capture OFF and ON of the band.

2.“RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei”
Complete live footage of RADWIMPS show at Saitama Super Arena on April 26th and 27th.

This is the 1st RADWIMPS package to combine both the live DVD and documentary.

(package details)
3 DVDs

“RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei”
Dreamer’s High
One man live
Iron Bible
Perfect Baby
Saigo No Bansan
Scissors Stand
Last Virgin
Kimi To Hitsuji To Ao
Kaishin No Ichigeki
Hari To Toge

Gogatsu No Hae

7th Album / [×と○と罪と] [Batsu To Maru To Tsumi To]

EMI Records Japan 2013.12.11
Wrasse Records 2015.9.1


01. いえない / Ienai
02. 実況中継 / Jikkyochuukei
03. アイアンバイブル / Iron Bible
04. リユニオン / Reunion
06. 5月の蝿 / Gogatsu No Hae
07. 最後の晩餐 / Saigo No Bansan
08. 夕霧 / Yuugiri
09. ブレス / Breath
10. パーフェクトベイビー / Perfect Baby
11. ドリーマーズ・ハイ / Dreamer’s High
12. 会心の一撃 / Kaishin No Ichigeki
13. Tummy
14. ラストバージン / Last Virgin
15. 針と棘 / Hari To Toge