Sekai no Hate
What if the world ends tomorrow
What’s it gonna be? Hell or Wonderland
Nobody knows
But who’s to say that it’s not even worth thinking

The big question here is what you’ll have for last supper
Even an optimist can’t laugh, you know
Can we? Without not losing our mind?
Honestly I don’t think I can

If that’s the case
I will come to you
I want you to at least bury your head in my arms

When the end finally comes
I will cover your eyes, your sight
It’s a “Goodbye” - the last one sec til Wonderland

As time goes your face is fading
Into obscurity
Slow but steady
Sinking until you hit the ocean floor, why?

Though we got on the right train we missed our stop
To meet one another in Wonderland
Which next train shall we take?
And where shall we get off?

I’m jumping off the edge of the world
On the count of three
Shout “Now” and wave to me as hard as you can

Abiding winds from the sea
Abiding waves of the ocean
Let's tie your voice to the thread of life

I will come to you and be there for sure
Though you don’t exist nor your color nor your smell

Don’t you worry just be there for me
I will easily find you like I found you in this world