Yojiro Noda (Vo&G)
Akira Kuwahara (G)
Yusuke Takeda (Bass)
Satoshi Yamaguchi (Dr)


 RADWIMPS is a Japanese band formed in 2001 and made their major label debut in 2005.
 The songs are free from category. Not only rock but also jazz, hip hop, ethnic music weaved into their music. Songs has wide variety with philosophical and sometimes romantic lyrics.
 Even though they didn’t appear on the media much, it spread with their exciting live performance and by word of mouth. Their singles “Order made” and “DADA” which was released in 2008 and 2011 reached top on Japanese weekly chart and they gained a great popularity.
 2015 was their 10th anniversary and also was the year to forefeel the band’s next phase. Yojiro Noda (Vocal and guitar) himself published his first essay and became best seller. Also he played the leading role of Japanese film and won two major awards in Japan.
 As a band, they’ve had their very first tour in Europe (France, Germany, and United Kingdom) and second tour in Asia (Korea and Taiwan) in the autumn of 2015. At the same time Satoshi Yamaguchi (drums) went on hiatus due to his chronic disease. After coming back to Japan, they had tour with the artists which they respect. This was also the first time to have tour with other artists. At the end of the year, they had live in Makuhari Messe with more than 30 thousand fans. These performances were recorded and ran on the theater as documentary movie called “RADWIMPSNOHESONOO”
 In 2016, RADWIMPS made all the music of animation movie ‘your name’. Not only the kind of rock band songs, but they also made and played various kinds of songs along with the story. The movie is a big hit in Japan and it will be on the screen of 85 different countries and region around the world.


New video “Hikari” is now on Youtube!

Video for RADWIMPS’ new track “Hikari” which will be in the new album “Human Bloom” is now on Youtube.

■「Hikari」Music Video

▼「Human Bloom」special web site (Only in Japanese)

New album ‘Human Bloom’ is coming out soon!

The album features a total of 15 tracks, including previously released hit singles “As A Symbol” and “I Novel,” as well as the original versions of “Zenzenzense” and “Sparkle” from the soundtrack “Your Name.”.
Along with the physical release in Japan, digital version will be available around the world on Nov 23rd. (For United States, the release will be on Dec 9th)

'Human Bloom'

RADWIMPS are excited to announce RADWIMPS LIVE TOUR 2017!

Tour dates will be coming up on November 22nd.
There will be pre-sale ticket reception in the new album which will be coming out on November 23rd.

LIVE info

Important announcement from RADWIMPS


New Album (For Japan) Human Bloom

[Limited Edition]
¥4,500(+tax) UPCH-29241
Human Bloom

[Normal edition]
¥3,000(+tax) UPCH-20436
Human Bloom

EMI Records 2016.11.23
Information for live ticket pre-reception for RADWIMPS LIVE TOUR 2017 is incuded (Only for the live in Japan)

“Human Bloom” special site (Only in Japanese)

<Limited Edition DVD track list>
・Live video of 10th ANNIVERSARY LIVE TOUR FINAL at Makuhari Messe (2015.12.23)
・Sparkle [original ver.] -Your name. Music Video edition-

01. Lights go out
02. Hikari
04. One spring day
05. Zenzenzense
06. I Novel
07. Listen to it when it’s raining
08. Weekly Shounen Jump
09. Stick figure
10. as a symbol
11. Human Shaped Constellation
12. Sparkle
13. Bring me the morning
14. O&O
15. Confession

Soundtrack album of the movie ‘your name’

Title: Your Name

Special limited edition: CD+DVD+BOOK (32cm x 32cm)
UPCH-29222 ¥6,400(+tax)
‘your name’ Special limited edition

Normal edition: CD
UPCH-20423 ¥2,700(+tax)
‘your name’ Normal edition

EMI Records 2016.8.24

DVD (only in special limited edition) includes:
・Story of how ‘your name’ was made
(Scene of recording, interview with Makoto Shinkai and RADWIMPS, and more.)

・Interview with Makoto Shinkai (movie director)
・Piano solo studio live (played by Yojiro Noda)

BOOK (only in special limited edition) includes:
・Special booklet
(Scenes of the movie, photography of RADWIMPS and more.)
・Piano score of 2 instrumental songs in the soundtrack
・Special illustration (RADWIMPS in the scene of ‘your name’)

CD includes:
・4 main songs
・22 instrumental songs

RADWIMPS Live & Document 2014 “Batsu to Maru to Kimi to”

Taiwan version release date: Dec. 5, 2014


RADWIMPS visited 44 cities, including international dates in Asia, from Feb. 5th through July 20th, 2014 for “RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei” tour. The gigs weren’t just a rock show but a colorful and intimate atmosphere where band members each enjoyed their music to the max. This DVD captures the band’s OFF and ON during the tour, just like the title “Jikkyonamachuukei” (meaning live broadcast in Japanese).

1.“RADWIMPS 2014 Document 4×4”
Complete tour documentary directed by band’s art director, Tetsuya Nagato.
This documentary covers the entire “RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei” tour from Feb. 5th through July 20th, 2014. It starts from the pre-tour rehearsal studio, first day of tour in Takasaki and ends with the tour final in Okinawa. Director Nagato shot the footages with his camera to closely capture OFF and ON of the band.

2.“RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei”
Complete live footage of RADWIMPS show at Saitama Super Arena on April 26th and 27th.

This is the 1st RADWIMPS package to combine both the live DVD and documentary.

(package details)
3 DVDs

“RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014 Jikkyonamachuukei”
Dreamer’s High
One man live
Iron Bible
Perfect Baby
Saigo No Bansan
Scissors Stand
Last Virgin
Kimi To Hitsuji To Ao
Kaishin No Ichigeki
Hari To Toge

Gogatsu No Hae

7th Album / [×と○と罪と] [Batsu To Maru To Tsumi To]

EMI Records Japan 2013.12.11
Wrasse Records 2015.9.1


01. いえない / Ienai
02. 実況中継 / Jikkyochuukei
03. アイアンバイブル / Iron Bible
04. リユニオン / Reunion
06. 5月の蝿 / Gogatsu No Hae
07. 最後の晩餐 / Saigo No Bansan
08. 夕霧 / Yuugiri
09. ブレス / Breath
10. パーフェクトベイビー / Perfect Baby
11. ドリーマーズ・ハイ / Dreamer’s High
12. 会心の一撃 / Kaishin No Ichigeki
13. Tummy
14. ラストバージン / Last Virgin
15. 針と棘 / Hari To Toge



Tour dates will be coming up on November 22nd.