“Weathering With You” (Motion Picture Soundtrack)



¥3,000 (+tax) / UPCH-20520


01.Theme of "Weathering With You”
02.The taste of kindness
03.First visit to K&A
04.Welcome to Senpikan
05.K&A Welcoming ceremony
06.Voice of wind (Movie edit)
07.Saving Hina
08.Sky clearing up
09.Sea in the sky
10.Visiting home
11.First part time job as Sunshine girl
12.Celebration (Movie edit) feat. Toko Miura
13.Fireworks festival
14.Shrine of weather
15.Shiba ko-en
16.Two confessions
17.City crisis
18.Snow in midsummer
19.Power of the weather
20.Time with family
21.Hina, fading away
22.Eternity above clouds
23.Clear sky and loss
24.Hodaka escapes / Kid's plot
25.Bike chasing
26.Running with Hina
27.Is there still anything that love can do? (Movie edit)
28.Grand Escape (Movie edit) feat. Toko Miura
29.Rain again
30.We'll be alright (Movie edit)
31.Is there still anything that love can do?