Original Soundtrack of “The Last Ten Years” Confirmed for Release on March 4th!

Original Soundtrack of “The Last Ten Years” is confirmed for release on March 4, 2022. The soundtrack includes the total of 30 tracks, the theme song “Ms. Phenomenal” and 29 original scores from the movie “The Last Ten Years.”

RADWIMPS Original Soundtrack of “The Last Ten Years”
March 4, 2022 On Sale


  1. Opening of “The Last Ten Years”
  2. Matsuri’s Reality
  3. 7 Years Until the Tokyo Games
  4. Time Capsule
  5. The First Good-Bye
  6. Setbacks
  7. Confusion
  8. Venting in Hospital Bed
  9. Small First Step
  10. Time Appears to be Stopped
  11. Overlapped Seasons
  12. Voice of Innocence
  13. Me and the Skytree
  14. Scream from the Inside
  15. Matsuri’s Lie
  16. Two Hearts Crying
  17. Kazuto’s Confession
  18. Spending Time, Remaining Time
  19. Okay, Not Okay
  20. Ski Slope
  21. Two Souls Overlapped
  22. Blind Alley
  23. Tears in the Kitchen
  24. Because You Were Here
  25. Can’t Delete, Won’t Disappear
  26. Matsuri’s Dream
  27. Tear Bag
  28. The Voice Was Heard
  29. Frozen Time
  30. Ms. Phenomenal

Movie “The Last Ten Years”
March 4, 2022 In Theaters (Japan)

[Staffs and Casts]
Based on a novel “The Last Ten Years” by Ruka Kosaka
Director: Michihito Fujii
Scrip Writers: Yoshikazu Okada, Mako Watanabe
Casts: Nana Komatsu, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Yuki Yamada, Nao, Satoru Iguchi, Haru Kuroki, Tetsushi Tanaka, Hideko Hara, Lily Franky, Yutaka Matsushige
Music & Theme Song: RADWIMPS “Ms. Phenomenal” (Muzinto Records / EMI)

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