RADWIMPS “こんにちは日本 〜KONNICHIWA NIPPON〜 TOUR 2020”Tour Cancellation Notice

We would like to thank you for your constant support for RADWIMPS

Given the current situation and prospects regarding COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision of cancelling all shows for the already postponed “こんにちは日本 〜KONNICHIWA NIPPON〜 TOUR 2020”.

For about 2 years, we have been seeking to hold the tour the way it was intended back when we announced it – the largest tour in the history of the band, including 4 stadium concerts. However, the current situation does not allow us to realize this, and the future remains uncertain as well.
After much debate, we have arrived at the conclusion that holding the tour in a form that significantly deviates from our original intentions would be unfortunate, and thus have decided to cancel it.

We express our deepest apologies to everyone who has been waiting for such a long time for the tour to take place on rescheduled dates.
While the tour will be cancelled, RADWIMPS are hoping to plan new concerts in the future and announce them to you.

Due to cancellation, we will be refunding tickets for the tour. Please apply for refunds within the application period (Application periods differ between ticketing services. For details, please refer to the <<Refund Procedures>> below).

March 14th, 2022
voque ting co., ltd/ YUMEBANCHI CO.,Ltd.

<<Refund Procedures>>
Refund period:
1. From 10 am (JST), March 15 to 11:59 pm (JST) April 3
2. From 10 am (JST), May 21 to 11:59 pm (JST) May 12
Please check the RADWIMPS TICKET web site or your Email sent from RADWIMPS TICKET.

Refund period: From 10 am (JST), March 15 to 11:59 pm (JST) May 8
Please check the message which will be sent from LINE ticket official account.

Refund period: From 10 am (JST), March 15 to 11:59 pm (JST) June 12
Refund method will be different depending on how you paid and received the tickets. Please check the web site below for details.