Tracklist and Coverart of “Seikai” Revealed!

Tracklist and coverart of “Seikai,” scheduled for digital release on Jan. 24th and limited physical release on Feb. 28th, are now revealed.

In addition to “Seikai” with main vocal by Yojiro Noda with student chorus as well as the instrumental version, tracklist includes total of 5 songs with Mixed 3-Part Chorus, Female 3-Part Chorus versions and piano accompaniment. Limited edition CD comes with sheet music for chorus parts and red transparent sheet. When the red transparent sheet is held up over the artwork, various silhouette will appear.

New Single “Seikai”
[Digital Release]
Jan. 24, 2024
[CD (limited edition)]
JP Release date : Feb. 28, 2024
Local catalogue# : UPCH-89565 Retail price: ¥3,000 (+tax)

1. Seikai
2. Seikai (Mixed 3-Part Chorus)
3. Seikai (Female 3-Part Chorus)
4. Seikai (Instrumental)
5. Seikai (Piano Accompaniment Part)

<Special content for limited edition CD>
Folder style package
A4 size sheet music x 3 versions (Original, Mixed 3-Part Chorus, Female 3-Part Chorus)
Booklet (linernotes, lyric and credits)
A4 size red transparent sheet

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