Original Soundtrack of “The Parades” by Yojiro Noda Is Out Now!

Original Soundtrack of “The Parades” by Yojiro Noda is now available worldwide.

Yojiro Noda / Original Soundtrack of “The Parades”
*Release time may vary by areas and services

Release date: Mar. 13, 2024
Preorder here>>> https://lnk.to/ny_paradesshop

  1. Waves, come and go
  2. Ryo and my whereabouts
  3. The beginning of the adventure
  4. Silence and despair
  5. Memory, regret
  6. I am here
  7. Parade of the Saints
  8. A toast to the beginning
  9. Shori’s memories left behind
  10. Student activism
  11. Love sprout
  12. Micheal’s movie obsession
  13. Each repentance
  14. Shooting a film
  15. Slapstick
  16. Nana appears
  17. Reunion with Mizuki
  18. Goodbye over a balcony
  19. Farewell, Shori
  20. Minako’s sorrow
  21. March with Nana
  22. Memory of Akira
  23. I’m sorry, Yasuko
  24. Akira and his father
  25. New moon parade
  26. Finally we meet
  27. Life of Micheal
  28. Cinematic highlight
  29. Reunion with Maiko
  30. Movie preview
  31. The last moment
  32. Confession of Akira
  33. To the other side
  34. Lights out, the film begins
  35. Gesture of the Waves

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