Yojiro Noda 1st Solo Studio Album “WONDER BOY’S AKUMU CLUB” Confirmed for Release this autumn!

Yojiro Noda will be releasing his first solo studio album under his name this autumn. Album title is “WONDER BOY’S AKUMU CLUB.” The album will have 13 tracks including “EVERGREEN feat.kZm” More details coming soon.

Yojiro Noda 1st Solo Studio Album
Coming this autumn
Total of 13 tracks

I am releasing my first solo album as Yojiro Noda.

I became a band member of RADWIMPS at the age of 15, during that journey I worked under the name illion, and somehow got this far.

Though RADWIMPS will always be the base and the core of my musical existence, I started to wonder what it’s like to play around carelessly and freely and swim through the ocean of sound with the approach that I can only try at present time. No matter what name I use, musical challenge and my quest for words don’t change. However, luckily with RADWIMPS, we’ve had more opportunities working closely with projects like films and making music with collaboration in the recent years which lead me to ask myself the question “how would I swim if I go out in the ocean all by myself now?” (Also I thought, because there are no other projects involved, even if I create a horrible song, it won’t affect anybody.)

So for the past 2 years, when I found time, I created music, sometimes very lightly and other times more intensely trying out different things and ended up with these 13 songs through struggles and many moments when I almost gave up. It wasn’t intentional but the lyrics ended up being like a personal story. That is why I had to release these songs under the name, Yojiro Noda. The process was fun. I wasn’t trying to write good songs but I think I created a great album. I want people to crave it and freely enjoy listening to this album. I hope you look forward to it.

Last but not least, I want to thank Kuwahara and Takeda who participated on few of the tracks, though it’s my solo project, and HOLLY for giving me the idea to start working on this album.

Yojiro Noda