Soundtrack album of the movie ‘your name’

EMI Records

Normal edition

Normal edition


[Special limited edition]

CD+DVD+BOOK (32cm x 32cm) ¥6,400 (+tax) / UPCH-29222

[Normal edition]

CD ¥2,700 (+tax) / UPCH-20423


・4 main songs
・22 instrumental songs

DVD (only in special limited edition) includes

・Story of how ‘your name’ was made
(Scene of recording, interview with Makoto Shinkai and RADWIMPS, and more.)

・Interview with Makoto Shinkai (movie director)
・Piano solo studio live (played by Yojiro Noda)

BOOK (only in special limited edition) includes

・Special booklet
(Scenes of the movie, photography of RADWIMPS and more.)
・Piano score of 2 instrumental songs in the soundtrack
・Special illustration (RADWIMPS in the scene of ‘your name’)