”2+0+2+1+3+1+1= 10 years 10 songs” will be out on March 11th.

After 10 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake, new album ”2+0+2+1+3+1+1= 10 years 10 songs” will be out on March 11th.
The album gathered all the songs made for “March 11th” over the years with 2 new songs.

2+0+2+1+3+1+1= 10 years 10 songs
¥4,000(w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPCH-20576
¥3,500(w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPCH-20577
¥2,800(w/o tax) JP local catalogue#: UPCH-20578

※The profits of this album will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society and local governments and will be used for various activities such as disaster relief.
(Donations will be made from the sales earned by December 31st, 2021.)

<CD Tracks>
10songs including : Hakujitsu -10 years ver.-/Buriki/Kaiko/Aitowa/Shuntou/Soramado/Yoru no Fuchi/Sekai no Hate

<DVD/Blu-ray Tracks>
9videos including : Hakujitsu/Buriki/Kaiko/Aitowa/Shuntou/Soramado/Yoru no Fuchi/Sekai no Hate

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